Frequently Asked Questions

What is Launch Loyalty?

Launch Loyalty allows dentists like you to create custom, in-house discount plans designed to help patients save money on dental care and treatment. Your staff can sign up patients instantly, so they can receive discounted treatment that same day. Loyalty programs like these have been shown to increase treatment plan acceptance, revenue and patient loyalty.

Does my practice have to be a licensed insurance agent?

Your custom, in-house discount plans are not insurance. No licensing is required. Launch Loyalty offers our clients the full support and expertise of our Compliance Department to ensure all aspects of the plan meet all regulatory guidelines.

Will my practice receive any portion of the member fees that you collect?

Yes, we pay you a commission from the member fees and deposit the funds directly via ACH monthly.

Which dental fee schedule will my plan follow?

You will not follow a fee schedule, instead you pick what discount percentage you want to offer off your usual and customary rates (UCR). Most offices offer 20%-35% off the UCR.

How do my patients sign up?

Patients can sign up by using your customized enrollment website, or they can call (844) 884-7283 to sign up over the phone with one of our dedicated customer service representatives.

Can I offer this to all patients?

Ideally, the program will be offered to all uninsured patients or patients who have exhausted their insurance benefits for the year.

Can my plan be used in other practices?

Your plan can only be used in your office or any other affiliated practice that agrees to your plan terms. This plan is exclusive to your practices and branding.

Are there any additional products available with my plan?

Yes. You can add vision, LASIK and prescription discount products to your plan at no additional charge to you or your patients.

When can my patients use my plan?

Immediately! Patients who join the program can access savings the same day they sign up.

What kind of customer support do you provide to my patients?

Patients can call (844) 884-7283 Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Central to reach a representative. This team can assist your patients with product questions, plan information, billing inquiries, account updates and even assist patients in signing up over the phone.

Do you have any tips on how to sell my plan?

Launch Loyalty will set up time before the plan goes live to train your office staff on how to sell the plan. Our Strategic Account Specialist will provide ongoing training and provide sales suggestions at least once a month to your office staff. Additionally, our client portal includes marketing tips, email and SMS message templates and training videos for quick refreshers.

Do you help market my plan and practice?

Launch Loyalty can assist with marketing efforts in various ways, such as email campaigns, SMS campaigns, social media content, a website badge for your practice site and more.

Are patients notified about renewing my plan?

Renewal letters are sent to patients 30 days prior to their renewal date to notify them of the upcoming charge to their card/account.

This is not available in VT & WA.

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