DPO Compliance

What are my options if I want my plan to be compliant?

Do it yourself.

You can try to create a compliant plan and hope you don't run into any issues.

Hire an attorney.

You can hire an attorney to handle all compliance needs, but it can be costly.

Hire a Discount Plan Administrator.

You can work with a licensed Discount Plan Organization and administrator to ensure nationwide compliance

What is Launch Loyalty?

At Launch Loyalty, our mission is to arm you with the tools you need to launch a compliant, in-house discount plan in your office. We've put years of research into our platform to ensure we:

  • Process PCI compliant credit, debit and ACH transactions, with recurring billing capabilities.
  • Handle all licensure costs, state filing requirements, and bear all compliance responsibility.
  • Review all pre- and post-sale materials to ensure compliance across all states.

This is not available in VT & WA.

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